FullCycle wants to integrate the concepts of circular economy and technology, providing solutions to its clients regarding one of the most challenging problems of the world: Waste Valorization.

WETRACK develops and implements hardware and software adaptable to any industry, in order to be able to fill a need that currently exists in companies with a strong productive character, of data collection and control of the means of production, already based on Industry 4.0.

EVIO develops electric mobility solutions, including management of charging stations installed in spaces that are not publicly accessible and management of electric vehicle fleets.

eCO2Blocks developes and produces 100% recycled construction materials which has 10x faster production cycle, up to 50% lower production costs with the current manufacturing process, and capable of CO2 absorption. Eco2paver is made by steel slag,wastewater and CO2.

SCUBIC is an analytical platform for the smart management of water supply networks. Its artificial intelligence models and optimization algorithms integrate data from many different sources to, in real-time, deliver the optimal operational orders reducing energy costs up to 20%.

AgroGriN Tech is an R&D company that has developed a patented technology for separating natural ingredients from waste streams. They are currently selling this process to fruit processing plants, allowing them to significantly decrease the amount of total downstream waste and monetize former waste streams.


New generation of eco-friendly carpenters. Passionate about beautiful design, functionality and sustainability. Using 3D printers to print designer furniture from waste wood.

Frank Wrap was created to battle the ever-growing plastic mountains across the world. Our owner and founder, Adriana Frank, started becoming more aware of all the waste being created in household environments and wanted to do something about it. Once she saw the problem, she couldn’t be stopped, and after many hours of research she came up with the idea for Frank Wrap – a reusable beeswax food wrap.

Eco Market Malta inspires people to learn about sustainability and transition to a more environmentally-sound lifestyle. Our purpose is to facilitate an easy and joyful shift towards a more sustainable way of living by offering quality, reasonable and convenient environmentally-friendly solutions for home and work.

We make Conversational AI for social impact in the environment, education and health. Our chatbot is designed to provide people with relevant information according to local needs and contexts. Want to learn about the consequences of climate change? Just ask!

Spongik is a 100% biodegradable dish-washing set that reduces bacteria and plastic pollution. The zero-waste sponge has antibacterial properties and its smart feature lets you know when it’s time to be replaced.

Spinner is a sharescription brand revolutionising mobility by democratising car ownership. Families, friends, neighbours and colleagues can design and share their own premium electric vehicle at a fraction of the cost of individual ownership through all-inclusive subscription services.


The Farmoury is where communities can access, enjoy, learn and experience the benefits of nature through activities related to the environment, wellbeing and responsible consumption. Farmers are supported through small-scale regenerative agriculture practices whilst consumers are educated on how to lead more carbon-neutral lives through workshops. 

Thrive is building a new centre called the Thrive Education and Wellness Farm offering education and training to support human beings to excel within a healthy natural environment. We will provide events such as retreats, school visits and team-building workshops on various topics including permaculture and wellness practices to support mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. 

At CycleAI we are empowering cyclists by making roads safer with AI. Our mission is to create open access safety maps for entire cities in a quick and cost-effective way. Our route planner will guide you through the safest routes and ensure a more pleasurable cycling experience!

Ocean Breath focuses on the restoration of marine habitat through underwater reforestation of seagrass meadows and gathering “waste” seagrass that accumulates along the coastline to re-use. The waste reduction and cleantech solutions from seagrass offer renewable resources for sustainable industry.


PFC help businesses reduce and eliminate their use of plastic in the workplace, at events and in consumer products with our Plastic Free Certification (PFC) program. We recognise and certify those who are taking substantial actions to combat plastic waste, validating and reinforcing their sustainability efforts.

EUROCY is an IT Engineering and Consulting startup. The company comprises a team of passionate engineers and other professionals aiming at contributing to the social e-inclusion and innovation in Europe, with high quality
products and services offered both to private and public sector.

Soferis Technologies LTD is a climate neutral SME that revolutionises the transportation platform through emissions-free optimised transportation of children to their afternoon activities. It deals with the design, development, and
the realisation of solutions in the transportation sector, to help its customers, stakeholders and
potential consumers in the field, to enhance efficiency, security, cost-effectiveness and quality of their provided services.

This is Presenta’s purpose is to reduce household food waste by redesigning the user experience of storing and organising food. By making all of the fridge’s content accessible and visible in a matter of seconds, PRESENTA helps the user develop better habits and is a reliable partner in the goal of wasting less food.

Qonductive delivers innovative products and services that are knowledge and technology
“conductors” which facilitate the transition to sustainable electronics.
Qonductive developed an eco-friendly bio-degradable board that can offset almost all of that environmental impact, by returning all the valuable metals and rare earth elements back to the production stream for making new electronics, helping reduce primary mining for sourcing raw

Eletoyia is a pioneering company that uniquely combines the renewables and transportation sectors in Cyprus. It is heavily involved in all aspects of scientific research of smart transportation systems and renewable energy generation, consumption, storage and distribution using PVs through collaborations in European and National projects.

Gold Verdeera as an Energy green company promotes the Esavpro System. The ESAVPRO SYSTEM, as an energy saving power quality and protection system, can help to reduce energy consumption and mitigate climate change. It’s purpose is to supply power quality to all electrical and electronic equipment for increasing their life expectancy whilst simultaneously reducing their energy consumption.