What is MED ClimAccelerator?

We are excited to boost innovation in sectors contributing to a net-zero carbon economy and resilient societies by providing tailored support and training to start-ups in Portugal, Cyprus and Malta. 

The consortium has established a Regional Cleantech Accelerator to serve start-ups in the Mediterranean region with the goal of bridging the Middle East, North Africa and Southern Europe network to establish the entrepreneurship ecosystem in these regions. 

How are we doing this?

This programme is supported by EIT Climate-KIC, the biggest network of cleantech and sustainability companies and institutions inside the EU, funded by EIT and Horizon Europe. It will be locally implemented by Building Global Innovators (BGI) in Portugal, Chrysalis LEAP in Cyprus and Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) in Malta to empower innovative start-ups and facilitate the adoption of circular economies and green technologies to tackle climate change. 

We want to support local cleantech entrepreneurs (in the first three Stages of development according to EIT Climate-KIC terminology) and provide them with state-of-the-art coaching and online training, as well as access to financial support and networking opportunities. The bottom line is success, both for you and your start-up and for the environment with tangible climate solutions. MED ClimAccelerator not only catalyses the advancement of your start-up from one Stage to the next, but works towards ensuring that your start-up will be successful beyond the scope of this programme. 

Join the programme and accelerate with us.

What are the three stages?

After acceptance into the programme, you will be provided with tailored training according to your Stage:

  • Stage 1: Two days intensive bootcamp to foster the assessment and development of a business idea, followed by follow-up sessions by local Coaches


  • Stage 2: Four days intense bootcamp focused on business model generation and validation, followed by follow-up sessions by local Coaches
    Please note: Stage 2 start-ups will be required to sign the Climate-SAFE agreement as well.


  • Stage 3: Financial & Business Planning 2 Day Workshop on Financial Planning and Investor Readiness, business development support to reach out to potential clients and investors, followed by follow up sessions by local Coaches

The programme will culminate in a Demo Day (all participants gather together in one country, depending on the pandemic situation) in which the most promising Stage 2 and 3 start-ups will have the opportunity to present their businesses to cleantech investors, fostering collaborations and investment deals. This will also be an opportunity for all start-ups to present their journey and achievements throughout the programme.