What are the benefits of MED ClimAccelerator?

This accelerator is designed to provide you and your start-ups with tailored training and support as you work towards moving to the next stage of development and grow into a sustainable, profitable and eco-conscious business. The summer training is divided according to three Stages to ensure that you receive the most appropriate knowledge and skills according to the needs of your start-up.

At the beginning of the programme, local Coaches will work with you to develop three milestones and throughout the programme, you will be guided on achieving them. In addition, a national workshop will be held in each partner country to review the process of registering your business according to national law, as well as providing support and additional guidance on administrative procedures. Local Coaches will also assist start-ups on reporting.

On top of the funding that start-ups at Stage 1 and 2 will receive from this programme, we are also working to ensure additional financial support. The most promising startups in Portugal will receive extra funding in exchange for equity, to be discussed after the selection process. 

MED ClimAccelerator provides you with a unique opportunity to ideate, pilot and test prototypes according to specific challenges identified by local demand-owners (big companies, cities, governments) and eventually develop or build upon pre-existing innovative solutions. Furthermore, you will be introduced to a wide network of like-minded people across Europe, as well as a large pool of global investors.